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Please include the DATE, TIME FRAME (start and end time), CITY YOUR EVENT WILL BE IN, as well as THE GENERAL PLAN for the booking.

  • How do we book?
    It's easy! Fill out a booking form HERE! On the booking form you will see several options for the down payment as well as how you would like to pay the remaining balance and when. A $200 down payment is required at the time of booking. This down payment is credited toward the booking total. For example: Your total is $550, you pay $200 down, your remaining balance is then $350.
  • Why is the city our party is in important?
    We service a large area and need to know the city your event is taking place in so we can tell you which vehicles are available when we factor in travel time. Some cities farther away from our office will have an additional travel charge. We ask the city up front so that we can get you an accurate quote the first time.
  • Can we bring alcohol? Smoke?
    You are welcome to bring any refreshments you like! Federal law prohibits smoking on commercial transportation vehicles.
  • How do we play music?
    Each bus has an aux chord along with an adapter to fit any newer iphone. A usb/iphone chord can also be used to play music and charge your phone at the same time. Most of the buses also have bluetooth.
  • How many people can fit on a bus?
    All of our larger buses have a legal maximum of 40 passengers. The number of people that can be seated depends largely on the average size of individuals on the bus. On average, you should expect to be able to seat 25-32 people and the remaining people would be standing (though honestly most people prefer to stand the majority of the time anyways). If your group is made up of all adults and you plan to bring a lot of supplies on the bus, we do not reccommend maxing out the capacity.
  • If we just want a ride to and from somewhere, why do we have to pay for the down time inbetween?"
    As much as we would like to charge your group $300 for this and make you happy, the reality is that it is extremely unlikely that the bus would get booked perfectly to be able to do another booking during the down time of yours and the driver is on the clock start to finish. 9/10 times the driver and bus end up waiting outside your venue. The opportunity cost of charging a group say $300 (for just a shuttle to and from that spans 5 hours) is missing out on a group that calls 10 minutes later wanting to book 5 hours and paying $700-$900. We hope this makes sense from a business standpoint.
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